Artezanos Lightweight Green Roof & Horticulture System

The Industry's Most Lightweight Prevegetated Green Roof System

Green Roof Horticulture

Another industry first

Artezanos is introducing the integration of ornamental horticulture, with use of our light weight growth
medium. True Green Roofing can now be achieved using drought resistant sedum and succulents to give
 your project that vernacular “Green” twist. Artezanos’ contribution  redefines “Green Roofing” by
introducing an optimal light weight  vegetative option  designed exclusively for sloped residential and commercial applications. The light weight innovative design, removes common roadblocks such as
structural reinforcement and costly installation techniques in an effort to encourage the viability
of sustainable residential green roof practices.

Green Roof Horticulture

Artezanos Green Roof Horticulture

Lightweight Green Roof

Topping the roof with vegetation has a myriad of ecological benefits. Our roof design integrates timeless terracotta roof tiles with a stimulating visual array of horticulture creations nestled in between. Barrel roof tile and sinuous roof tile patterns often accrue organic material in the roof tile troughs giving rise to un-welcome plant life. At Artezanos® we have dedicated our systems to sustain horticulture as an integral part of our design. Vegetative Roofs have demonstrated a decrease in the heat island effects, increase sustainable roof life, and the use of carbon dioxide from the air. 

The Benefits

Vegetative roofing retro-fits on residential and commercial structures can significantly reduce cooling costs and also reduce ambient roof surface temperatures for better photovoltaic efficiency.

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The System is ready to install for as low as $2.50 s.f

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						& Green Roofing Products

The Advantages

Easy to Install
100% Recyclable
Energy Efficient
Low Life Cycle Cost
Uses Less Materials
Fire/Hurricane Resistant
Retro-Fit Upgrade

& Approvals

Class A Fire Tested
Wind Tested
Miami Dade County Approved


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