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Handmade Clay Roof Tiles

About Our Handmade Colombian Roof Tile

Artezanos handmade clay roof tiles are a result of incorporating  generally abandoned techniques that impart a unique character to each and every tile. These "old world" techniques were discarded by virtually all tile manufacturers to accommodate the demands of mass production, sacrificing the clay's natural texture and glazes.

Artezanos Columbian 
			Handmade Pan TileArtezanos Columbian 
			Handmade Pan TileArtezanos is one of the few companies that have preserved the traditions of the "old world" in order to produce unsurpassed authentic handmade clay roof tile. Our Artezanos World Class 2-Piece Barrel roof tile is hand-molded, dried in the sun, and then fired in a wood burning kiln. This results in a roof tile that is very durable, rustic in texture, varied naturally in color, 100% fire proof, and ideal for projects located in hurricane prone areas (resistant to winds 127 MPH +). All Artezanos handmade tile have passed Miami-Dade County Product Control Approval, the most stringent product control test in the nation. Artezanos World Class Barrel NOA# 09-0422.05.

We offer two distinct types of 2-Piece Barrel roof tile:

Square end - our standard handmade Barrel roof tile with roof tile, based on the traditional Spanish mold. Round end - our custom handmade Barrel tile which is rounded in the front and based on the classic Cuban mold (made to order). Our standard color blends are Mixed Terracotta and Buff (devoid of terracotta). If freeze / thaw is a consideration, we can custom High-fire our roof tiles (Barrel and Spanish-S tile) to meet those requirements.

Artezanos Columbian 
			Handmade Pan TileArtezanos Columbian 
			Handmade Pan Tile Artezanos continues to innovate products by offering the world's only handmade Miami-Dade County Product Control Approved Spanish-S roof tile NOA #08-1216.02. FL1745.1 U.S. and Colombian patent pending. While lower in price and requiring less pieces per square than our Artezanos Barrel tile, our Spanish-S tile offers all the rustic texture, durability and natural color variation of our premium Barrel tile. Our Spanish-S tile looks like traditional Barrel and installs quickly and efficiently.

Our newest addition to our roof tile product line is our Italian pans (FL # 1745.2 U.S. and Colombian patent pending). Our Artezanos Italian pans are machine extruded yet hand-textured. The combination of our handmade Barrel caps with our Italian pans offers an unequalled authentic rustic Tuscan "look" that deviates from the popular Spanish standard. In addition, our Italian pans offer all the strength and durability of machine extruded tile. Artezanos is the only company in the world that offers this unique combination of handmade caps with machine extruded hand-textured pans.

Artezanos Columbian 
			Handmade Pan TileArtezanos Columbian 
			Handmade Pan Tile Artezanos Inc. offers reclaimed antique handmade Barrel roof tiles, between 30 and 150 years old. These tiles, coated with the patina of age in the form of lichen and other tile-attached growth, have been  selected from various areas in Colombia S.A. and are available in almost any quantity. While they have not been manufactured to exactly the same standards as our present handmade roof tiles, their strength and physical condition are excellent, considering their age. Their size varies from 14" to 16½" in length. We can supply custom cut and drilled antique tiles to be used as booster tiles in the first top tile roof course. This attention to detail yields a finished roof whose antique authenticity is unmatched. We palletize our antique roof tiles in house to ensure the highest quality packaging and lowest possible breakage during transit. Artezanos Columbian 
			Handmade Pan TileArtezanos Columbian 
			Handmade Pan Tile

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The Advantages

Easy to Install
100% Recyclable
Energy Efficient
Low Life Cycle Cost
Uses Less Materials
Fire/Hurricane Resistant
Retro-Fit Upgrade

& Approvals

Class A Fire Tested
Wind Tested
Miami Dade County Approved


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